A fulfilling life

The scratching of pens on paper and the sound of the clock slowly ticking by as the seconds pass was all that I could heard. It was the final day of our exam and we were sitting for our Chemistry paper. I haven’t had the time to look around and daze at what my friends were doing like how I used to. I was racing against time. I knew I couldn’t finish the test and had to breeze through it. But my answer had to be accurate and right. I haven’t got the chance to make a mistake.

“Knock, knock”, Mdm R. was at the door, wearing a blue floral baju kurung. She was a plump and a woman of short stature. Everyone has already stopped writing and was paying attention to what she was here for. It wasn’t usual for her to enter our class and she does not teach us any subjects. Mdm. H, with a poker face announced that one of our year mate has passed away because of leukaemia. I was at a shocked. But all I could do was to collect my self and be calm and to get on with my paper. I drove the thoughts that came into my mind away. Storing it away, meaning to ponder about it after the test.

All I could think of was life was indeed short. We are in this world only temporarily. I ponder on how I have live thus far. My life was one that was dull, typical from an Asian family and stressful. All I ever did was study, get stressed during the exams, try my best to reach the pinnacle of every aspect that I put myself into. It’s always have been that. I have always tried to reach my parents expectation. Working hard just to beat that one person that you don’t wanna lose to. It’s sad how most people have live life similar to how I live mine. In the midst of the busy-ness of the world, the hope of being the best to have a fulfilling life, we, lose the beauty of living life simply. We forget that life wasn’t about how good our grades are, how superior we are compared to others and how much wealth we gain. We lost the beauty of having life itself. A life that is fulfilling is one where we are loved. It’s one where we are actually contented with what with have. You ain’t gonna get another life if you lose this one. So, life life simply.



Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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