No. 6

You’ll know a manga is real good when you stay up all night just to finish it. The suspense that kept your mind whirring away even though it is nearly dawn. No. 6 is a manga that makes you feel so very attached to its character. Two boys as they try to bring light into a dark world. It shows how technology, though always have help humanity in ways we couldn’t even count, might sometimes be the root of many problems in the future. 

The exams period are over and I have lots of time to while away. I have been searching for a good manga and anime to watch. After watching Naruto and Fairy Tail, I, as every other girl would love to have a little romance. That was when, I stumble along No. 6,being recommended by many people online. At first, I didn’t think I would enjoy it as it is about shounen ai ( boys love) but I was too bored and the art was beautiful. When I started reading the first chapter and then the next, I couldn’t stop. Before I realise it, the majestic sun has been rising at the horizon. It’s rays shone brightly into my room through the window. Alarm started ringing and my house came to life as my siblings and parents got ready to go to school and work. At that moment, I just finished the last chapter of the manga, and it was indeed a bittersweet moment. I was still in their world. In their city, living a life from a third person point of view. The magic still last after a few days and never want it to stop. I’m currently, while writing this, starting watching the 11-episode anime.

No. 6 is definitely a must read manga. It teaches me that while I may be here, lying on my bed, in my comfortable home, living a life without knowing the meaning of hunger, loss and poverty. Others, might not have the privilege to have the same one I do. And while I was complaining about how my life was dull and boring, some might even be fighting to live. Just because we don’t see something happening, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It is. And someone else, instead is living that nightmare that you could only imagine and think to ourselves how lucky we are because it was only a dream. I could never understand the meaning of living in fear because of the lack of food or security as I have never experience it. I could never understand how much they have gone through. I was ignorant and naive.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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