A place called home

The bright and mighty sun was covered by white fluffy clouds. The bushes and trees swayed to the rhythm of the wind. They were dancing gracefully without a care of the world. Not knowing, a strong storm would be coming which could uproot them from the ground.  The wind gently breezed through my face. Like a gentle caress. I was on my bike going to the field near my house for our youth’s weekly captain ball. Unlike how I usually drive quickly around the familiar route to my destination, I drive slowly. It wasn’t because I was early but I don’t want to reach there earlier than my friends. I was afraid of being alone.

The weather was great and along the way, I enjoyed the view and scenery that I often don’t spend time on. Some of the construction workers are still working at the site next to my house. The once known “forest” has been replaced with high-rise buildings. The greens that used to give a relaxing and breath-taking panorama was now shades of grey.

I’ll be going off for college soon. Leaving this place has always been my dream. I looked forward to go out into a world where there was many unknowns and surprises. But now, I kinda miss the bicycle rides around the neighbourhood. Cycling free as if I was bird and the roads are my sky. I’m very bad at directions but I ain’t afraid to explore new roads around my town because I would never get lost. It is a small conservative town. Offering little entertainment to a small naive girl like me.

It is a place I called home.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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