Price tags 

Price tags are labels. Labels that show how much a thing is worth.

I was in my mother’s room with all my siblings doing my cross-stitch. My eyes were scrunch up in deep concentration as I was trying my best to thread the needle. After a few attempts of it, I finally got it and started cross-stitching. It was then, I reflected on what had happened these past few days.

In the morning, I went to a flood center. When we arrived, there was a huge gathering of people. The higher-ups and politicians are here. They were busy giving out donations and some food supplies to the victims of the flood. A smart-looking reporter was there too. He took many pictures showing what the party has done for the people. It was rather ironic how the donation was supposed to be free and to help those who needed it.

Everything comes with a price. Nothing is ever “free”. The politicians that came to visit the flood victims gave free food supplies and donation to gain the people’s vote in the coming election. They came to show the world the good things they have done.

Recently, I have been busy looking for scholarships to minimise my parents’ burden of paying expensive tuition fees and cost of living. One of the terms and conditions of applying was that the college/university has the right to use your face and name for advertisement purposes. The scholarship comes with a price. You have to help the college/university to gain a good reputation.

Now that I realised all these little things, I saw how ugly and dark the world can be despite of the breathtaking and inspiring illusions people have created. Shopping malls’ sales are to encourage people to buy more and are sometimes used to clear stocks. Education is never free though every child has the right for it. The love of someone is never free. We can’t and does not have the ability to love someone unconditionally because we are humans. Only Christ does. Everything comes with a price tag. Even us.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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