I was there talking to Caren and Keith and it was at that moment I got a called from my senior, Dennis. He asked me out for dinner as they to round-up the group. I was in a dilemma as I would rather spend the evening with Caren and Keith than an acquaintance. So I told him I’ll inform him about my decision later in the afternoon. Before hanging up the phone, I asked who was the person I’m gonna have to dine with tonight. “Diong” he said. “Diong, who?”I replied. “The one who…” he babbled on but I still do not recognised who he was.  Caren, who was also listening as I repeated who he was, suddenly clicked her fingers and beg me to let her attend the dinner. I was confused but not for long. Caren told me she knew him and kind of have a “little” crush on him.

That doesn’t even explain why I was having dinner with the Prime Minister of Singapore, his wife and son who is the same age as me. The only thing I remembered was telling Dennis that my friend will be taking my place. But no matter what happen, that night changes my whole life. We were enjoying the delicious food on the table while talking animatedly. Out of the blue, there was a blackout. I was brought to the office or the PM’s wife. They found out that the questions for the coming IELTS exams were leaked. I ran out of the office and found a table outside. The authorities and higher-ups were meeting. I, filled with bravery and the strong sense of justice, stood up and recount what had happened at the office. I breath in a big breath of air when I finished and heaved a sigh of relief, thinking to myself,”Everything is over. The authorities will do the investigation and settle the problem. ” But I was very wrong. They did not believe me. No, they wanted to cover up the truth.

Before I know it, my feet were running. So fast. I felt the wind in my face and shouts around me. The muscles of my leg contract and relax as fast as they could. But I wasn’t fast enough. The pressure on my shoulder told me that I was caught. I turned around and was so surprised. It was my cousin, Jacob. He threaten me not to tell anyone what had happen. He said he wanted to keep me safe because what I know could bring me trouble. I did not listen and continue resisting. A sharp pain tore through my body. He was trying to break my arm. I felt my bone started to twist and cried out in pain.

Then, I woke up with a fast-beating hard and a thin layer of sweat covered around my body. I was glad it was a dream.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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