I forgive you 

The vast space of green field was decorated with the colours of the four houses- Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. It was my alma mater’s annual Sports Day. I was still waiting for my results and have lots of free time to while away so I decided to attend it for two reasons. Firstly, I missed my teachers and the next is because my sister will be participating in two events, the 100m race and 4x100m relay (She got a gold medal and a silver medal, respectively). It has been a long time since I got up that early in the morning but I was quite excited and looking forward to it that it doesn’t bother me that much. At around 8.00am, I reached the school gates. The security guards know me really well and we were exchanging greetings and warm smiles. They always make me feel so very welcome. I took a few steps and saw my juniors selling drinks and food stuff around the corridor. Each standing at their respective kiosk, trying to advertise and convince people to buy their stuff. I was kinda proud because I was the one who started this tradition of selling things to raise funds for our clubs during sports day at our school. 

After waiting for half an hour, the cheerful and rhythmic march song was played loudly through the speaker. It has begun. Students are standing straight and alert according to their houses and unit, awaiting the command of their leaders. I smiled to myself, reminiscing the times I was the one standing there. The march started and everything started to become alive just like an old toy doll that started moving once you wind it. It was indeed a sight to behold. Colourful mascots are everywhere. Some even dance when the reach near the audience. Others were giving out candies and balloons. The blue team had shark everywhere whereas the red were clothed in red traditional Malay attire. Yellow were adorned with emojis and cartoons And the green are somewhat like an army of tarzans. After the speech by the principal, everyone stand upright to sing the national anthem. It was then followed by the reading of oath by the students. When the president of the Parents-Teachers Club officiated the day, the events started. 

The weather was really great that day. It was cloudy and chilly. I was confused because 4 students fainted even before the events started. During that time, I went round the field, taking to my teachers and catching up with some of my friends who also came. Two funny things happened that day. During the 4X100m L1 relay, two guys from the red team fell. At the exact same spot. I do not know why watching someone else misfortune makes you laugh but I can’t deny it was really funny. Then, the girls were running their 100m event. “Ke garisan. Sedia…” the air horn was blasted signaling the start of the race but instead of a blast like usual, the teacher blasted it continuously. Everyone was puzzled but the participant ran as fast as they could to the finish line. All the people around them were trying to call them back to the finish line as one of the runners had a head start. Feeling a little exhausted and disappointed, they started going back to starting line and they had to run again. 

During that whole morning, I had already talk to all my teachers who taught me. The last event, tug-of-war was going to commence when a teacher, Mr. Owen walked over to me and said,” Miss Ling, when are you going out to study?”. I looked straight into his eyes and had a great chat with him. When he turned away, I smiled, thinking to myself,”I forgive you for everything you have done.” I couldn’t kept that great amount of hate within me. For it will grow into nothing except a poison tree. I used to hate that teacher. He looked down at me and is bias. I will do everything to avoid him in school. He was the one that belittle me but all is well now. One can never bore anger that long because it makes us miserable. So, ever since that day, I forgive him. 



Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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