The clock hung on the wall showed the time-2.30pm. I usually eat my lunch late in the afternoon because I want to eat it with my dad who works in the city. I enjoyed the few hours we had together, talking about our day, random stuff and things I learned before he goes to work again in the evening. That day, we had our lunch as usual and sat down to have fruits as dessert. He reclined into our dark brown chair with one leg up on another chair. I can still remember vividly what we were talking about. It was about fear. We were teasing my brother because he was extremely afraid of the dark. Even now, at the age of 12, he can only sleep in his room with my younger sister. He does not dare to take a bath without her and must leave the door wide open every time he is in the toilet.

Out of curiosity, I turned to my dad and asked,”Daddy, are you afraid of anything?””Of course.”he said. I continued prompting him,”What, then?”. He thought silently for a few seconds and replied,”I cannot tell you what it is.”. I was disappointed by his answer and asked the reason why he wouldn’t tell me. “If I did, I wouldn’t be your superhero anymore.” I was spellbound and speechless, thinking to myself,”I’ll let it slide this time.” My dad would always avoid answering a question directly and I’m not one who will stop before I got an answer but this time, I’m satisfied. 

You will always be my superhero, dad. Even with all your flaws and weaknesses. Thank you for loving me and raising me to who I am today. 


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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