Another milestone in my life

Yesterday, I arrived in Sunway College to register myself in their AUSMAT programme. I was looking forward to go to college after a 3 months break. My expectation of college life was extremely high and I was very excited. I am finally going to leave home! No more curfews, no more parents nagging me what to do and what not to do and no more annoying siblings. Everything seems to be so perfect for me if I’m at college. But college wasn’t like that. When I reached the campus, all I wanted to do was go back to my all secondary school. I don’t feel at home there. I was nothing but a ‘kampung’ girl trying to pave her way into the big city. Everything seems to be so intimidating.

It was an open day and they allowed my parents to enter the college. They even gave them a tour around the school. It was huge. I’m sure I’ll get lost. After that, my mother and I checked into our hostel which is just behind the college. They helped me unpacked my stuff and checked to see whether I needed anything else. We then had lunch at Sunway Pyramid and get all the other stuffs that I need. When they dropped me off at my hostel, tears started to fall from my mother’s face. The somewhat cheerful atmosphere in the car was replaced with quietness and tinge of sadness. I was caught in her warm embrace. My father was the one that brought me down and I myself could feel how much he would miss me despite him saying otherwise all those times when I was at home. I felt really bad because I was the one that said I wanted to go back to campus as I was tired after the long journey.

They started their journey back home at 5pm. It was then that I felt this desire burning in me so strongly. I wanted to go home. I do not want to be this far away from my family. They were everything to me. I felt the burden with all the responsibilities I had to shoulder. Being an adult is really hard. I can’t even imagine how my parents managed to take such good care of us. Now, I had to make sure my card is activated, I had to find my own food, clean my own room, take good care of my things and money. I had so many things to do.

I felt really lonely when I was here. Class haven’t start and I did not know anyone. My roommate will be away for a month as she will be taking her ACCA exams soon. I had nothing to distract me from it. I washed my clothes, ate dinner and watched the latest Marvel series that my friend recommended. Then I had an early night sleep. Not surprisingly, I still had a good night sleep.

I was awake by 7.30 am and dressed for school. Packed with a coconut bun, my dad bought, I went to the registry counter and settle some of my personal problems. I had a call and email from my dad. In my heart, I was satisfied and heaved a sigh of relive as I wasn’t the only one feeling lonely. My mom when home and cried several times. It was a really tough experience for me and I never though I would feel this way but I miss them dearly. I can’t wait to be home soon.







Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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