Things you have to bring to college

1. Documents- school leaving certificate, identification card, passport(for international students), SPM/ O-levels results, passport-sized photo
Always remember to bring a few copies of all the above the documents because you never know when they need it. All the above documents also have to be certified by an officer or you can ask your principal. Don’t forget to bring the original copy when you want someone to certify any documents. I brought the original copies of the documents too but it’s not really necessary.

2. Money

Money is one of the most important things you have to bring and you have to bring quite a large amount of it. If you forget to bring anything, you can always buy it at the nearby convenience store or shopping mall. Besides, you have to buy textbooks based on the subjects you choose, eat out and for those who take Mathematics may sometimes have to buy a CAS calculator which cause, during my time, RM770.

3. Clothings- T-shirts,pants, shorts, underwear, bras, pajamas

4. Footwear- Slippers, shoes, hotel slippers,socks

Bring a few pairs of comfortable shoes as you might have to walk a lot of your campus is large. Hotel slippers are for those who stay in hostel. The floors are most likely quite dirty and dusty.

5. Stationeries- Pen, pencil, mechanical pencil, lead, scissors, glue, staplers, ruler, correction tape, erasers, sharpeners, calculator, notebooks, writing pad

Don’t forget to bring your calculator because subjects like Mathematics and accounting requires you to use a calculator. For some courses, you had to buy a new programmeble calculator which cause quite a lot. It is advisable to buy a second hand one as you will only be using it for a year.

6. Pails, containers

Pails are for putting wet clothings whereas containers are used to store anything that needs to be stored

7. Detergents, soaps, brush, coins, hanger, clothing hanger( the one you put on the door or your cabinet)

If your hostel provides you laundrette service, bring lots of coins as the machines worked based on coins. If yours don’t, you have to hand wash your clothings. So bring whatever soaps or detergents or things that makes washing your clothes easy.

Please remember to bring dishwashing soaps, sponge and a small plastic container to put the stuff.

8. Plates, bowls, forks, wooden chopstick, spoon, tiffin carrier, pins to seal food that is unfinished, knife and wooden chopping board.

9. Foods- biscuits, instant noodle, packaged drinks, and everything you wanna eat

10. Rice cooker, induction cooker, steamer, microwave

Most hostel lets you use a rice cooker. And yes, you can cook a lots of food using a rice cooker

11. Iron

Only if you have to wear formal clothings

12. Small umbrella, backpack, recycling bag

Selangor’s malls does not provide plastic bags and will charge you 20 cents per bag.

13. Comb, hair ties, hair oils, hair pins

14. Jacket

The campus area is usually air conditioned. To those who can’t stand the cold, you have to bring!

15. Old cloth, feather duster, plastic bags, dustbins

Your tables and bed might be dirty and dusty so you probably have to clean it up on the first day. We have to clean our rooms as they only provide cleaning services for the lounge, kitchen and toilets.

16. Bed sheets, pillow case

The hostel will only provide you a set of bed sheet and pillow case, if you want to change it, remember to bring it yourself. A pillow is given as a complimentary welcome gift.


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Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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