When I was a kid, I always had nightmares. That was probably the main reason I started building a pillow fort. And now, even when the nightmares are gone, it has become innate in me to always sleep inside a pillow fort. I had two pillows, one on my head and the other at my feet, one bolster on the right and left, and a huge pillow covering my body or simply, a blanket.

My nightmares have always been the same, I would always be the one running, running, and nonstop running. The place is also one and the same. It was a dark alleyway with doors leading to different rooms. I was Wonder woman and lost. I think I was in the midst of trying to save my alley but before I could do so, I was caught. They brought me into a dark room with a large black cauldron placed in the middle. I was tied tightly and they wanted to cook me for soup.

Now that I’m writing it out, it doesn’t seems very scary but when I was little I couldn’t sleep well every time I had that dream. The dim night light my father placed in our corner had always calm me down a little but my prayers were my absolute refuge. I could still remember how I would always pray that same little prayer before I go to sleep and then I would not have that dream. It is indeed a mystery how God really care for me after what I had done. Currently, I still prayed,”God, please take away all my bad dreams and protect me from all evil.” and it still works every single time.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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