First day of class

My first day of class was on a Thursday. We had orientation for 3 days-Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Being used to the usual government school system, I thought it was Monday and while I was packing my bag, I packed based on the Monday timetable. I count myself lucky that my house mate reminds me that tomorrow was a Thursday and not a Monday. If she hadn’t done so, I would be waiting aimlessly in class for 3 hours.

I took the March intake for AUSMAT and the 5 subjects i registered for are English as an Additional Language (ELD), Mathematics Method (MAM), Biology, Chemistry and Accounting and Finance (ACF). On Thursday, my timetable starts at 10.30 a.m. I have to attend classes till 4.15pm. It starts with MAM, followed by Biology and ACF and ends with Chemistry. My campus is a very huge area and I was afraid I would get lost trying to find the classes so I did my preparations the night before. I downloaded the college app that has a map and slept early so I could wake up early.

Luckily, I could find the classes and was on time as punctuality is very important in AUSMAT. If you were late more than 5 minutes, the professors and lecturers would mark your attendance as absent and if you miss three classes, your parents would be called to school. My brain was forced to speed up its gears when I was attending MAM as the first topic was an Addmaths topic and I couldn’t remember any of the formulas. Even though it was only the first day of class, my lecturer gave us a ton of homework to be completed and discussed during classes tomorrow. Then, I had a 45 minutes break. Each of the classes are and hour and 15 minutes long but the lecturer will let you out 10 minutes earlier for you to go to your other classes.

Our Biology teacher only talk about the subject outline and examination structure for 30 minutes and she let us out early. Even so, I was mentally exhausted. I took an accelerated course which is only 8 months long compared to the normal one which is 11 months long. A longer break after your SPM means you would have kick your engine to full throttle for the next 8 months. We had a test next week and every month, we have an exam. There is so many topics to covered in such a short amount of time.

I really enjoyed my Accounting class and during Chemistry, we each were given a chance to ask our lecturer a question. I asked her whether she had always wanted to be a teacher and her answer was no. A teacher usually doesn’t really dream to be a teacher, but when they entered the field, they love their job, or so they so.

Classes ended early as most of the lecturer only gave a short briefing on what to expect. We also had icebreaker. I really enjoyed my classes as I dislike attending orientation and playing all the games they want us to play.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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