A hectic day

Yesterday was overall a terrible day. During the night, I forgot to close the window and my body became a feast for lots of annoying little creatures that flies around mosquitoes. In the dead of night, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, trying my very best to ignore the parts which was bitten and itchy. After 30 minutes, I finally drifted off back to sleep. But that was hardly the end of my story.

I was woken up by the ringing and vibrating sounds of my phone. I didn’t manage to pick up the call but one thing I did see was the time. I was already late for class by 15 minutes. My phone rang again and I hurriedly answered it, it was my friend, Tina, asking why I still wasn’t in class. We had biology lessons together at 8.30 am. I ran around as fast as I could, dressed and ran straight out of the door. I brisk walked to my campus, all the while with adrenaline pumping through my blood stream. Along the way, I was having an internal dilemma whether to attend class or not to. Finally, I decided to just enter the class. But, there is still another problem unsolved. When I arrived at the building, I couldn’t find the classroom. I walked everyone, tried every door, checked my timetable multiple times, but I still couldn’t find my classroom. In the end, I had to call Tina and she was the one to guide me into the room. I couldn’t concentrate on the class at all. I was nervous and embarrassed. The teacher told me to see her after the class ends and I did. I did not give much excuse and told her just to mark me as absent as it was my own fault. She advised me not to do it again, especially during exams and assessments. I gave her a bad impression of myself as it was only the second time I entered her class.

Then, when I was in Chemistry class ( second period), I thought I lose my phone. I panicked and could feel my heart thumping extra loudly. I tried to recall where I put it and thought to myself, please let it be safe. After checking my bags and the tables, I still couldn’t find it and assumed that I left it at the previous class. So, I asked my desk mate whether did she see me bringing my phone into the class. Unfortunately, she said she didn’t notice. After a few minutes, I finally found it! It was in my denim jacket pocket, which I was wearing all the while.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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