Under an umbrella

The table in my hostel’s room is way too small for me to do any effective studying as I had to clear up the table every time I want to revise my studies. Besides, one textbook itself would occupy most of the table leaving me with a super small area to put my exercise books which I will always be using concurrently.

So, I went down to the study area which is located near the security guard office to finish my homework and to do some reading. While studying, I was annoyed that a girl answered her phone and speak extremely loudly in the otherwise, quiet and peaceful area. Everyone was staring at her until she went out. But, even when she is outside the room, we could still hear her chatting with her friend. Then, when she re-entered the room, the screeching sound her chair made when she dragged it out, once again brought all eyes onto her. After an hour and 15 minutes of studying, I finally decided to go back to my room as I had a throbbing headache. It is probably due to me, playing my phone for 3 long hours.

When I was at the corridor, I was greeted by the swooshing sound of the the strong wind and the roaring sound of the heavy rain. I forgot to bring my umbrella out as I left it in my balcony to dry. I sighed and thought to myself whether I want to get drenched or wait till the rain stop pouring. I chose to wait as the thought of being wet and dirty after just having a nice hot shower eliminate the other choice. Fortunately, two girls staying at the other block was also planning to return to their dorm and they had a big umbrella! I was really glad and happy that they offered to share the umbrella with me. I’m very grateful for their kindness.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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