Shared Mangoes

The clinking and clanking sounds the pots made as I was shuffling through the rack and washing my dirty dishes, filled the quiet air as all my other dorm mates were lounging in the our small living room. I was hungry because I decided to skip dinner that day but I couldn’t stand the feeling of an empty stomach. So, I opened the door to my fridge, which was filled to the brim with raw food and leftovers. Every nook and cranny were filled with something as we make the most of the fridge by arranging our things in an orderly arrangement.

The first thing I saw was the fruits my parents brought down a week ago, sitting quietly there, waiting to be eaten before it gradually becomes rotten. I took out a mango and start removing its skin by the bin. When I had finished cutting the mango and devour the bits of flesh around its seed, I was planning on offering some of it to my dorm mates, but I didn’t. It was all because I remembered I accidentally dropped the whole mango, without its protective layer of skin on the floor. In the end, I stand there, facing the basin, eating my mango all by myself.

My first bite was filed with the sweetness and juiciness of the mango. I have always love eating mangoes. It is one of my favourite fruit but as I was eating my third slice, it somehow, doesn’t taste as sweet anymore. I reminisce the times where I was eating mangoes with my family after dinner as dessert. All of us would gather round the table, with glinting eyes while our parents would be the ones cutting it. We had to be quick on our hands and mouth so that we could eat till we are satisfied as everyone would be snatching away. My brother was always the one being teased as he could eat anything in one mouth. After dinner, he would always help himself to supper and dessert. My ‘kakak’, a term we use to call our live-in maid, would always try her very best to stop him from eating as she told us, she eat non-stop and there would always be dishes to wash at any time of the day.

I really miss the times our family had our dinner together. We made it a tradition to eat together at the round table every night. That is probably the reason why we always had a late dinner, sometimes as late as 9pm. Nowadays, I usually eat alone, either in my room or at the living room.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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