His blood that was shed 

Today is Good Friday and I couldn’t feel the impact of what happened 2000 years ago until I spend some time alone to ponder on it. When my junior message me in the morning, I was surprised and asked why wasn’t he in school. He reminded me it is a holiday and their Christian Fellowship club was organising an event. I was ashamed at myself for thinking why we, college students do not have holidays. 

During my break, a girl approached me who was sitting alone at the corner of the table. She said she is a Christian and I told her I am one too. With a glow on her face, she started talking about Christ. Another one of her friend also went up to the girl beside me, inviting us to their Easter service. I really admired them for the things that they do. Speaking boldly about Him who had done so much for us. Despite the things that has happened these past months-the kidnapping of Pastor Koh, they still stand firm and preach all the more boldly. 

This brought me back to last Sunday, when we have our youth meetings. We were discussing about Jesus’ first miracle. The one he turned water into wine. Our teacher-advisor told us that even then, he has been thinking about his death. How hard was is for Him to know that he was born so that he could die. He could all our pains as he is 100% human. But he too is 100% God. To think he would die for someone like me not only describes how much he loves me and the grace and mercy he has for me. 


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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