Never settle for the second best 

It has been a long time since I last  posted anything as I was very caught up with all the tests, assignments and presentation. I hardly had the time to just rest and loiter around doing nothing. A lot has happened. I have been through many things, gain bittersweet experiences and meet new and different people.

I used to say my future boyfriend had to be like my dad. He is rational, wise and very funny. He dislike being in crowded areas and his view on the world really change and mould me into who I am today. I am very much like him. For so many years, I have always thought, such a guy must have been wiped up from the world. Extinct. Never to be found again. Lo and behold, here he comes and at first I couldn’t see any resemblance between him and my father. He is loud, hyperactive and can talk to anyone. My dad is calm and confident. However, he doesn’t really like talking to everyone. But he can if he needs to. As the days pass and after knowing him and talking to him, he is very much like my father.

But one prominent thing I did not highlight, was that he is not a Christian. That characteristic in itself defies everything I stand for and look for in a guy. So day and night, I prayed and prayed. I prayed so that I would not be swayed and make the wrong decisions. But guess what happened after me resisting the urge to go talk to him for days, I succumb to my pleasure and texted him. I was so super duper happy, one would thought I was crazy. Crazily happy just to received a single text message from him. He once said that love makes people stupid and I used to disagree but now that I’m in that position I can finally understand. And I hate being stupid.

As I was doing my devotion today, there is this part where it says,” Although God knows a certain plan may not be good for us, if we persist and clamour for it, He may just let us have it!” You couldn’t imagine the joy I felt when I read that line. I’m like, “Yes, I really don’t mind being heart-broken all over again if it doesn’t work out.” But the story doesn’t end there, at the end of my devotion, it is written,” Never settle for the second best when God has the best in store for you. Only God’s will is best for you. ” Man, it is as if he is speaking directly to me. I broke out in a laughter and think to myself, “It is definitely gonna a long year in college. I wonder where He will take me and how it go.”

I decided to jot everything down immediately after reading the passage. I did not want to forget what had happened. And maybe in the future, I’ll look back and think to myself how self-restraint and being submissive to God’s will really is the best choice you can ever made in life.


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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