To Rachel

Dear friend,

I met you when I was fourteen

I didn’t know much about you

Didn’t know you would still be here,

Until today when I’m eighteen

Didn’t know how you would be,

An integral part of my life

And nothing could replace the you in my life


We were oh so young

So naive and dumb

But as time moved on

We grew

Not only in size

But also in mind

And felt things

That were sometimes,

Not so nice


All those late night talks

Those long conversations we had

The jokes we made

Were each a precious memory

We talk about guys

From crushes to admirers

We talk about life

How unfair it was

We talk about what we are gonna be

But that always left us

As confused as we can be



Dear friend,

Though I am far away

I’ll always be there

When you’re sad

And when you’re happy

Don’t forget me


I also want you to know

That it kills me slowly

To see how you belittle yourself

All those words that I said

I mean it truly

It always fell on deaf ears

But don’t worry

Because I’ll be there

To remind you daily

How beautiful you are

How wonderful God has made you

And it doesn’t matter

What the world has thrown on you

You would always be the best

And you already had the best

Which is me

Together we will be

Battling the world

And its constant troubles


Dear friend,

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there

To wipe away your tears

And when you cried yourselves to sleep

But I ain’t worried

Because I know

That He is always with you

For He knows you better than I do

Let Him be your refuge

And you can see

How I let it go

The things that try to drag me down

Into that dark abyss


Dear friend,

You’ll always be with me

In prayer and in mind

But don’t you lose hope

Let that light keep shining

And don’t you ever leave me

To fight this battle

To run this race


I know it would end

And when I had run a good race

And fought a good battle

I’ll be home

Where there would be no sorrow

Just pure joy and happiness

And I would be singing

Songs of worship and praises

And I know,

You’ll be there too


Dear friend

Thank you

For being with me

And every single day

Before I sleep

When I close my eyes

I thank Him for putting you in my life

For you are precious to me

Like a diamond

Who is ugly when it’s raw

But once cut and polished

Is priceless

I hope that you would see

And know in your heart

That you are a diamond

And every time something happens

You fall down

And get up

For I know,

You are a strong girl.






Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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