Country road 

I was sitting here, with a heavy heart, in a train, on the way back to Kuala Lumpur when I felt like writing this post. Despite the overpowering smell of perfume that is coming from the seat opposite me, from a pretty Malay lady with her big round sunglasses on, and the loud chattering voices and high-pitched squealing of the couple next to me, the journey was pleasant. But my mood wasn’t. It was like the grey sky. Drizzling a little and then stopping. It was dark and cast shadows all around. But the wind that blew and caress my face while I was waiting for the train was nice instead of the scorching sun rays that used to burn my skin. The wind blew my hair. Each strand was caught in it and dances around me. 

I didn’t want to be over here. Not this route. Not this way. I want it to go to the opposite way. The one, leading me back home. Not the one that brings me closer and closer to the city. Not the world that stops in the sentral where people would be bustling around trying to get from places to places. I don’t want to squeeze myself in the LRT filled of people who has just finish their work. Their unhappy faces. The shine has gone away. And what replaces it, is only a boring poker face. I don’t like the crowd. The city in itself isn’t for me. 

Bring me back home, to the place I belong. Where the sun will shine with faces filled with joy and happiness. Even the rain is something we look forward to. Children will come out to play. Running careless through the sand. Hearing the pittering pattering sound as large droplets of water fell onto the ground. The sky isn’t scary with thunder and lightning. And even if there is, it was warm and cozy as we cuddle next to one another. Huddling together in the small area where the candle or the torchlight would cast it lights. Shadows are used for plays. We would learn to make animals with our hands and role play different scenarios. That is home. 

So please, 

Country road, take me home,

To the place, I belong,

West Virginia, Mountain Mamma,

Take me home, country road. 


Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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