Everyone is a fighter

” You want to defy the truth? Good luck trying.”

” Yeah. At least, I tried rather than just accepting it.”

” You’re always a fighter.”

The late night conversation with my friend, got me thinking how everyone has always been fighting. Each, with their own battle. No one else can fight it for you. For everyone, has a different battle to fight. What might means something to me, might mean nothing to the other person. I couldn’t understand why my friend would always work so hard and stressed himself up just to be the top of the world. But that might be all he ever lived for. Those goals may be the one that kept him going. Early in the morning, that’s what makes him get out of bed. When he faced troubles and challenges, it is the light at the end of the tunnel. If he fall down, he get up because he has a destination to reach. A goal to achieve. Objectives in life. That is what makes him look forward to the dawn. When a new day will start. He will be getting closer and closer to the end of his goals.

Do not think that you are alone. Don’t ever give up. Because, even if you are alone in your battle, there will always be someone. Someone who will lend you a hand when you fall. Cheerleaders to encourage you to keep going. If you can’t run anymore, don’t stop. Run slowly. As long as you keep going, it’s gonna be alright. When you stop, to take a breather, that is when the temptation starts coming in. You take one stop, two stops and another until you stop running. You give up. So, don’t ever stop running. Your Father is always with you. Though you cannot feel his presence, nor see or hear him. He is always with you and will never leave you alone.

Everyone is a fighter. The night is not endless and every single day, no matter how long the night might seem. The dawn will break through. And those rays of sunlight that shines through your window signifies the new rays of hope that are brought anew every single morning. To all of you fighting out there, no matter what it is. Be it sickness, pressure, studies, family crisis, financial problems, depression, anger and whatever tribulation and suffering that you going through, always remember. We are all fighting, our battle. So don’t stop.



Author: smallbitsofhappiness

Just a small little girl trying to get through life in this big big world.

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